What is the difference between Corporate and Enterprise support?

Our Customer Success teams have built a decade of strong experience in successfully deploying Elium within medium and large organisations. Essentially our Corporate offering provides you with the onboarding essentials

Do you provide an on-premise version of Elium?

No. We believe Software-as-a-Service is today’s most efficient and reliable way for organisations to deploy business software whatever their size. Our SaaS offering allows you to start small, scale quickly

What happens to my data if i want to stop my subscription?

You have the ability to export content through Elium’s API at any time. Once you subscribe to a paying plan, you can request through our support for an export of

What is your fair use policy regarding data storage?

Within your Elium environment you can store documents and files of any format. To make sure that there is enough storage for all our customers and their users, we may

Which service level guarantees (SLA) do you provide?

For Enterprise plans, we commit to an SLA of 99.5% guaranteed platform uptime per user per month and a 24-hour support response time for critical incidents. Our availability logs since

Can I try Elium for free?

Absolutely! We provide a free trial period at the end of which you may choose to subscribe to a paid subscription. Only then will you be asked to provide your

What are the requirements for using Elium?

Elium is a cloud-based platform, so you just need an internet connection and a modern browser (Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Edge). We support the two latest versions of these browsers and