Visionary and provocative (“the individual is the new group”), Stowe Boyd came to Amsterdam to shake Social Business vendors and urge them to move on beyond collaboration and embrace new ways of work, placing agile above processes, learning above know-how, etc.

We highlighted a few sequences to understand what lies behind the words of cooperation, fast & loose and deliberative. Stowe accepted our invitation for a side chat and he took the opportunity to dive deep into the impact of artificial intelligence. Not in 5 years, in 2015.

Welcome sparsity, welcome machines. Is it frightening ? Damn right.
Grab a pair of headphones and enjoy this uncut talk in high definition.

Sparsity definition of Stowe Boyd

Sparsity is about a different approach to management, one that relies on self-organized networks. Leadership becomes emergent, as individuals take on responsibility to lead a project, an activity, a task, whatever, as needed. In this new way of work, leadership is no longer a full-time job, but something that everyone does to a varying degree.
Google is a good example. They want that kind of skillset in their people; the ability to learn, to be curious, as well as to be willing to step up and take a leading role in some activities when they have the right skill set supporting them.

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Source Simply-communicate

by Raphaël Briner, with Nora Ghitescu

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