Organisations implementing knowledge sharing aim to improve communication internally and strengthen employee performance. At Elium, we recommend that they create a group of ambassadors at the start of their project, to increase its chances of success. These ambassadors can be a great help to bring the platform to business lines, departments and teams, in order to spread the initiative.

The leading insurance company, D.A.S. Belgium, which relies on the Elium solution to initiate change, really took this advice to heart, and surrounded itself with a community of enthusiastic volunteers to help community management. Every six months, they meet to exchange good practices and tips, challenge use and discover new features.

During the day, D.A.S. also like to take the opportunity to thank their ambassadors for their commitment by offering a fun team-building activity, which helps strengthen team spirit. Are you looking for inspiration for your own knowledge sharing initiative? Take a look at our short video of their recent Ambassador’s Day.

If you’re curious about creating your own knowledge sharing platform, give us a shout and start your free trial!

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