(drum roll please)

(more drum roll please)


(please smile and pretend you are surprised!

yes, we changed names.. Goodbye Knowledge Plaza! Hello Elium!

But why are you asking?

Here’s our CEO, answering this burning question for you:

“We were positioned in a niche market. With each new version of our platform we simplified, we became more user centric and the applications became more diverse. A new name, with a larger spectrum was in line with this evolution. We wanted to move away from a descriptive brand to a neutral, open and inspiring brand. This new name has a strong energy, in line with our progress. It inspires us and opens to wider horizons. ” Antoine Perdaens, CEO, Elium.

We wanted a brand that could better reflect who we had become as a company, but also what our knowledge sharing platform had become for our clients. It had transcended itself and was used for collaboration, market intelligence and obviously knowledge sharing. The new name and brand was to reflect : the circular flow / change/ the experience / the science & the invisible and the aspiration (…yes we are meditative poets)

Raphael Briner, Chief Marketing Officer at Elium: “As part of our heavy focus on knowledge-centric companies, our leadership team believes it was appropriate to rebrand our company to more specifically reflect what we do. Elium offers smart ways to write stories, collect documents and put them in the right contexts. These features sustain strategical challenges such as distributed locations, culture change, connected new products (transformation), regulation or market change”

We believe that Elium, aside from being simpler to remember and find on google, formalizes a shift in corporate strategy that has been underway for several years.

We hope you like it!

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