This might look like a football strategy map, but trust us, it isn’t! Albeit the experience might lead you to observe a few passes and tackles being shared amongst midfielders and forwards…

Launching meaningful and innovative knowledge sharing networks within an organisation begins with understanding your employees’ context, challenges and aspirations for the future.

The Knowledge Sharing Canvas is a methodology we bring forward to provide teams with a visual tool; sharing a common language along with illustrated examples does wonders in engaging people in your own team and creates a deeper understanding of concepts such as “knowledge sharing”. Be aware that this is not a KM canvas, as it doesn’t include the management and governance aspects.


  • Keeping the knowledge recycle loop in mind, and going beyond Information Management
  • Discovering the drivers and precious possibilities behind each building block
  • Agile thinking and mapping your own conclusions and figures
  • Gaining maturity and strategic thinking by connecting this canvas to your ongoing projects and other business tools
  • Introducing design thinking as an approach to the Knowledge Sharing Canvas; a participatory tool for your workshops

What we are doing now

  • We are sharing it with our own clients and we are collecting conclusions within various environments (market intelligence, customers knowledge base, intranet, etc)
  • We have long and passionate calls with worldwide experts to work on its drivers, key questions and revisit some examples
  • We plan on organizing workshops in several countries and educational contexts
  • We are looking for translators because we don’t want anything lost in translation

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