Relive Paris Knowledge Tour 2017 best moments in video (in french).

A key event

Several cities, several dates gathering hundreds of participants coming from all over Europe, the Knowledge Tour becomes a major event in the world of Knowledge ManagementMarket Intelligenceand Leadership 2.0.

This year, the edition created a bridge between agents of change, trainers, disrupters, documentalists and communicators. A series of workshops made it possible to unveil the stakes of each organization to everyone: framing and letting go, the need for changes in the face of efficiency imperatives, the desire to invent new practices versus the needs to use the existing best practices. On all sides, injunctions, internal as well as external, in the form of competition or opportunity for cooperation / collaboration were shared. Innovating, changing, engaging, there is not a single path… and that is precisely the focus that our event brings.

In an attempt to bring clarity, the Knowledge Tour allowed the audience to hear different testimonials and feedback. Also strategic advice on the use of the platform in different areas of activity such as Market Intelligence & InnovationKnowledge Sharing and Communication & Collaboration.

As the Alter & Sys team reveals in this article (in french), it is sometimes necessary to take a plunge in the context of the organization to find the meaning, the stakes and the consequences for each actor of an innovation whatever its nature.

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