The Knowledge Tour is a conference to open up the dialogue between intertwined topics but different ecosystems: knowledge management, open innovation, collaboration, organizational design. We are preparing a whitepaper to summarize the key findings from the table discussions. Meanwhile, here is a great catch from Stephen Bynghall on our past event in London.
“Recently I attended the London leg of the “Knowledge Tour” organised by Elium, the knowledge management platform formerly known as Knowledge Plaza.
Although this was a vendor-organised event, it was really a mini-conference about the future of work and the trends that are shaping it. Kudos to the team at Elium for avoiding the usual “vendor showcase” in the centre of London, and instead, holding a fascinating day in a trendy co-working space in East Croydon.
The venue made the day more interesting and unusual and there was a great line-up of speakers, interesting attendees, as well as some impressive hipster beards on show! This was a day I very much enjoyed. Here are three takeaways from the Knowledge Tour.

Successful projects hinge on clarity, support and proximity

After some introductions and context about the day, there was an interesting session from Elium’s Fabienne Vandekerkove on the different ingredients for a successful implementation of the Elium product. She reported that these were pretty much true for all of their clients, whether large and small…”
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