Paris, March 10, 2017 – Knowledge Plaza, the web and mobile platform dedicated to Social Knowledge Management, announces today that the company will begin operating under a new trade name and will be known as Elium effective immediately. 

During the Knowledge Tour in Paris, an event bringing together clients and partners such as SNCF Consulting, Capgemini Consulting, MSLGOUP, Alter & Sys, Bluenove, HubInstitute, Knowledge Plaza announced it would now be Elium.

The new name reflects the solution’s evolution linked to its type of use

The company, founded in 2008, was initially centered on “social knowledge management” and targeted professions which made intensive use of Knowledge Management. With the increasing socialization of all activities, information management and knowledge sharing are now part of employees daily tasks. The digital workplace has created a more connected, more conversational and more social way of working; Elium as a solution has evolved along this trend.

“We were positioned in a niche market. With each new released version of our platform we simplified, we became more user centric and the applications became more diverse. A new name, with a larger spectrum was in line with this evolution. We wanted to move away from a descriptive brand to a more neutral, open and inspiring brand. This new name has a strong energy, fitting with our progress. It inspires us and opens to wider horizons. “

Antoine Perdaens, CEO, Elium.

Strong and continuous growth of 900% in subscription renewal in the past 4 years

Capgemini Consulting, Deloitte In Extenso, SNCF, RTE, Groupama and the Touring Club Switzerland are among some of the French and international references the company has signed over the past few years. These companies use Elium to address one of the most crucial business needs today: the necessity to capitalise on knowledge and make it actionable. In addition, the company’s historical customers such as L’Oréal and SVP have renewed their commitment by increasing the number of user licenses. Growing steadily (900% in subscription renewal in the past 4 years), the company has developed more than 100 projects and has more than 100,000 active and paying users.

Elium wants to increase its international footprint and plans to open a permanent office in France. It has also planned to address the UK, Dutch and Scandinavian markets. Consulting firms and all other sectors currently undergoing digital transformations are its main target. “We are targeting medium to large size companies with an average of 500 and 10,000 users,” says Antoine Perdaens.

A major new release

Elium is actively working towards the release of its fourth version to be released in the coming months. This major update will offer a completely redesigned user experience and a profound architectural change allowing, among other things, improved edits and promotion of information of any kind (text, media, files). All this benefitting an unprecedented agility and ergonomics. The platform keeps its strong focus on sharing best practices to transcend corporate silos by way of improved storytelling. Collaboration is still at the heart of Elium, as the instant messaging is being improved using the latest real-time technologies, thus opening the door to future developments of a mobile app.

About Elium

Elium is the leading european knowledge sharing platform. The company is the result of a merger between Belgian vendor Knowledge Plaza and the Swiss Hyperweek in 2013. Elium operates in key industries, and its SaaS communication and collaboration platform is deployed in small and large knowledge-centric organisations such as L’Oréal, Capgemini Consulting, LafargeHolcim, SNCF, Bouygues, Roland Berger, EDF, Touring Club Switzerland, Deloitte In Extenso and MSLGROUP. The company’s capability for continued growth, has won numerous awards in the field of Knowledge Sharing, Enterprise Collaboration and as a Corporate Social Network – both for the quality of its solution and for its Customer Success program.

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