We are proudly announcing our partnership with the Lift Conference for the second year in a row.
The conference will take place in Geneva,  February 10–12 2016  and its concept has somewhat changed… for the better!
Lift on Site  takes the conference out of the CICG, and venture outside of its walls to use the city of Geneva and its landmarks as their practice field. These workshops, hosted directly where their topics are being researched, built upon and brought to market, will allow the visitor to discover these pockets of innovation while immersing themselves in the right environment for the tasks at hand.
Elium (previously Knowledge Plaza) will surprise you yet again with an interactive and engaging stand! Get ready to talk Collaboration!
Read more on our 2015 Recap of the Lift Conference and on our “Knowledge Is” analog experiment.

Mapping Collaboration; Introducing a new Model
In an accelerated economy where the primary currency is sustainable innovation; one main pillar is collaboration! We hear “collaborative economy”, “change”,”cross-functional teams”, “the learning organisation”… ideas and concepts that rely on collaboration. The word has become somewhat tarnished and taken for granted.

Our workshop at the Lift Conference is an invitation to design together a map on collaboration based on your experience and your analysis of the models that we gathered during the conference (our stand will offer passersby to work and interact on the model, from which we will gather the data).
We will present our key findings and explain our base theories to develop the toolkit and then rapidly switch to a discussion. We have also included time for you play around with the model, question and challenge it. Our aim is to demonstrate how diversity affects the various levels and contexts of collaboration. It is a unique opportunity to further the general understanding of collaboration dynamics.
For the sake of naming, We have invented a new term to define and design this experiment:** Double X; a PolyModel.**
**Update: Find here the first key findings !**

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