Elium recently held its 12th Users Club. The 40 attendees listened to three organizations’ use cases and shared best practices. elium’s team also took the stage to make two announcements. Here is a summary of the presentations and discussions.

Touring Club Suisse: a non-profit organisation dedicated to personal mobility

TCS merged their existing intranet & enterprise social network into a brand new elium platform. They defined their needs and expectations along four key objectives: efficiency, capitalization, communication and breaking silos. They needed a unique repository for all cross-cutting documents with a rich user directory and a fast, reliable and effective tool for easy information sharing, along with a set of social and subscription-based features.
The key to success for their project was twofold: A pilot to test use cases with targeted groups and convince them; an awesome communication plan with self-made yet friendly and spontaneous videos.

Their recommendations are:

  • Get the top management involved
  • Define basic governance rules
  • Look out for use cases
  • Integrate the platform in the organisation’s communication

L’Oréal SRC, Safety Regulatory Claims: in charge of the organization’s regulatory intelligence

This L’Oréal department has several missions: anticipate new regulations, educate the rest of the organisation, consult in-house and shape the regulatory landscape. The division’s activities are sequential. First, they process targeted information and data from multiple sources. Then they analyse the data in its relevant context and finally generate a meaningful output – e.g. outlining risks and opportunities.
Using elium within the department improved visibility, valorization and community spirit for the contributors. Information was made available on-demand immediately for readers and the regulatory information flow increased in both quality and quantity. Other benefits included decreased use of emails and regulatory activity enhanced visibility.

IDELUX-AIVE Group: increasing Belgian Luxembourg citizens’ well-being through economic and sustainable development

The organization wanted to break silos and give real-time access to information. To achieve this, they changed their old intranet. The project mission was to increase organizational cohesion and efficiency by enabling everyone to exchange documents, information and ideas through a collaborative working platform accessible to all.
They have several success stories: HR information is really key and often searched for. Humour is a great vector as individual initiatives made the buzz and attracted awareness around projects! Administrators grew so fond of the new elium platform that they developed new use cases.
Their recommendations are:

  • Do not make the platform “optional”, make it an official working platform.
  • Let users express themselves, nurture the feeling of confidence and freedom; it is necessary to change habits and enhance collaboration and interactions.

Social Media Lab, a research lab dedicated to the use of social media in a professional context

They aim at producing collective knowledge on digital media and training themselves in new technological tools and new professional practices. At the User Club, the Social Media Lab presented a very promising analytics dashboard project based on social activity of different platforms and communities.
Through their partnership with elium, they were authorized to access data from Sphere, elium platform to communicate with customers and partners. With this information, they generated charts showing the community morphology, clusters, collaborative work dynamics, etc. They are currently seeking other platforms to improve their dashboard, feel free to reach out to them and test it.

elium launches its Learning Center to regroup all resources and knowledge regarding the platform

Since its beginning, elium has focused intensely on customer satisfaction and the team has been committed to providing top notch support for its users. All the resources and knowledge developed over the years has been centralized in a new tool: elium Learning Center!

elium announced its beta version launch on Sphere

Finally, the 12th Users Club was closed by Timoté Geimer, Head of Product, announcing the launch of elium’s new version beta testing on Sphere. elium’s team encourages all Sphere members to test it and help improve this new version.

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