Who has time for outdated systems or disparate information on your team? Not you. Instead of telling your team to sift through file folders, chat logs, or emails for information, you rely on knowledge management to give everyone access to critical information when they need it.

Knowledge management is the key to overcoming communication challenges in your business, removing silos that limit your team’s potential. The right knowledge management system has numerous benefits, including employee engagement, improved communication, creating experts, and learning from others’ mistakes.

But you still have to prove the merits of knowledge management to your company, and especially to your leadership.

Managers love numbers and quantitative metrics, but it isn’t easy to gather data on your knowledge management platform. How can you gather hard data that backs up your need for a robust knowledge management system—especially when you have a large team with tons of content?

We heard you, and that’s why Elium is rolling out Analytics, a major step forward in metrics and reporting for our users. Measure user engagement, monitor your team’s platform usage, and justify your knowledge management system to leadership with our powerful new Analytics tool.

Why Analytics?

Before Analytics, users who needed data on their knowledge management platform had to do one of two things:

  • Integrate with Google Analytics: The Elium integration is simple enough, but Google Analytics has a lot of buttons and knobs. It’s not necessarily intuitive or helpful for quick insights. Plus, it’s better used for classic websites, not complex knowledge management platforms like Elium.
  • Export raw data to a custom dashboard: Many of our customers built impressive dashboards to check their platform usage. But setting up and managing custom exports is no easy feat. It takes weeks to build a dashboard, and we know not all of our users are able to build or manage something this big.

Neither of these situations is ideal. That’s why Elium developed Analytics.

Instead of hoping your users are engaging with your content and the platform, Analytics means you can _prove _it—no finicky integrations or complex databases needed.

Analytics matters because it means everyone can see the impact of their contributions. Platform admins can see individual contributors’ impact, and contributors can understand the performance of their content. This heightened self-awareness increases the likelihood of users engaging with your content, making knowledge management a long-term practice that sticks.

Instead of guessing or hoping that your content is useful, Analytics proves it.

Introducing the future of Elium: Analytics

Elium teamed up with developers, a designer, and a project manager to create a solution that our community really needed. We interviewed dozens of clients from various industries with different backgrounds to get a feel for their unique needs.

We learned that everyone using Elium wants to see their own success, whether they’re a platform administrator, space administrator, or individual contributor.

From there, we got to work on Analytics, relying on our hardworking beta testers to iterate and make the platform even better. We went into overdrive, conducting three successive betas over six months!

Analytics for all

Because some users have very specific needs and processes, we designed Analytics to satisfy everyone’s needs while keeping it simple enough to use frequently. Depending on your role, you’ll enjoy a variety of helpful new tools through Analytics.

Platform administrators, for instance, need to see how contributors use the knowledge management platform so they can improve it. Analytics gives program admins insight into:

  • The number of active users
  • Social interactions between users
  • Content usage
  • What users are searching for
  • Community activity
  • The frequency and effectiveness of system notifications

Space administrators can also see how users interact with each other and the type of content they want. Plus, you have the power to see if users are slipping away from the platform, helping you course-correct before things go off the rails.

But Analytics isn’t just for administrators: It’s designed for individual contributors, too. The new My Dashboard tab allows you to track how every piece of content performs in your knowledge management system. Use panels to do a deep-dive into the details for a piece of content; plus, every piece of content gets its own page of analytics! Understand your contributions, their impact, and stay motivated to participate with Analytics.

Explore Elium with a free trial

Knowledge management platforms like Elium are the future of business. We’re iterating and improving all the time, which makes it even easier for businesses to justify and improve their knowledge management platform. Back up your assumptions with a holistic view of your data: Analytics is here to make it happen.

And this is just the beginning. Future updates will make Analytics a proactive tool that will include indicators and automated actions.

We will host a webinar about Analytics (in French) Thursday, December 10th, 2020 at 11 AM. You can register here.

But we know that seeing is believing. Start a 14-day free trial now to see Analytics in action.

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