Hello Berlin!
Giving workshops and real live demos is one thing (everybody knows the “demo effect”, right?) But giving all the above mentioned in German requires another set of skills… which Knowledge Plaza (now Elium) mastered apparently, given the number of people who attended and stayed until the end!
Tools is a young event that took place for the second time in Berlin. Under the umbrella name “working web-based” this clear-cut message addresses professionals from all areas and tackles all business processes.
tools provides company decision-makers and executives from the above company divisions with a platform for practical tests, information, advanced training and optimum opportunities for benchmarking and networking, to enable them to find the right tools for optimising their business processes.

Thus, by enabling them to showcase their latest products and technologies, tools offers providers of web-based solutions an ideal platform to secure successful entrance to business decision makers, an increasingly important target audience”.

What we heard while there was that German companies are looking into opening up to cloud technologies, not yet completely but… nevertheless interested to see and understand what would enable such a shift. It’s all a learning curve right?
Helping people to share ideas and knowledge freely is most certainly one of the greatest challenges that all companies face sooner or later. Today’s initiatives come from various departments such as Communications or IT and others from the business itself; they are all looking to make the same improvements: ensuring that lessons learned from success and failure are captured and assimilated and recognising innovation efforts even when they fall short of success.
To follow the evolution of that learning curve and more, we will gladly return to the Tools next year and infuse Berlin yet again with our take on social knowledge management.

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