Say hello to our new mobile app

78% of the population now own a smartphone, with over two thirds of global internet traffic coming from mobile devices. And, if you’re anything like us, your phone is on

Knowledge sharing – building a competitive advantage

Digital transformation has brought with it a range of new tools, creating widespread organisational change and a greater sense of freedom for employees. Although the implementation of these digital tools

Why is it important to calculate the ROI of your Knowledge Sharing project?

Measuring the return on investment (ROI) for knowledge sharing can be a real challenge. But, whichever stage you’re at – whether you’ve already implemented your platform, or are just beginning

Key factors for successful knowledge sharing – Webinar

Our webinar took a look at what makes knowledge sharing a success in organisations, with a quick demo highlighting the main features and benefits of our solution. Missed the webinar?

Café Connect comes to London!

We took our Café Connect event on the road! We headed across the Channel to London for a cosy morning of learning and exchange. It all took place at the

What prevents knowledge sharing in organisations? Our thoughts from smilelondon

This week – we’re in London! We popped over the Channel for smilelondon this morning, one of the UK’s most exciting conferences, which brings people together to discuss internal communication

The importance of social intranet ambassadors

Organisations implementing knowledge sharing aim to improve communication internally and strengthen employee performance. At Elium, we recommend that they create a group of ambassadors at the start of their project,

How to build a collaborative workplace

In our previous blog post, we took a look at what happens when collaboration fails, and what you can do to fix it. Here, we will explore how you can

Lecko analysis – What’s next for the Digital Workplace

Over the last few years, digital collaboration tools have remained fairly stable, but (like winter) change is coming. With apps creeping into more and more of our personal lives, employees

5 Reasons Collaboration Fails

Organisations need collaboration more than ever, but it’s often confused for teamwork, or overlooked as simply cooperation. If done well, truly collaborative teams can have the ability to develop and