What is new – Product Updates – January 2022 👩‍💻😀

⏲ 5 minutes reading time Here at Elium, we are animated by a daily mission of empowering organisations and professionals to make the most of available Knowledge.  And for this,

Knowledge Sharing Vs Knowledge Management

Knowledge is the cornerstone of a successful organisation. During the hiring process, we attempt to gauge the existing knowledge base of an applicant. We might also conduct some exercises that

Enabling Knowledge Sharing for Efficient Customer Success Teams

Working in silos can destroy any customer-facing team. A 2018 Panopto study even found that siloed information costs US businesses a whopping $47 million per year! That makes knowledge sharing

How to Build an Efficient Research Repository for Your Team

How to Build an Efficient Research Repository for Your Team UX research is an essential part of any successful business. You can’t deliver excellent products and services without listening to

How to make the most of knowledge sharing across your entire company?

Companies have long realised that managing their knowledge is crucial to business performance. When there are no processes and technologies put in place to help knowledge capturing and sharing, everyone is left

Top 5 benefits of fostering knowledge sharing across your entire company

Effectively managing knowledge has been on the agenda of business professionals for several decades now, as we transitioned from a resources-driven economy to a knowledge-driven one. After that, knowledge management

Facilitate Innovation through Knowledge Sharing

How Do Knowledge Sharing and Innovation Pair Together?  Corporate knowledge sharing is all well and good. Teams work together to get to the bottom of projects by imparting their subject-specific

What’s new in Elium? 10 key updates from the past weeks.

⏲ 7 minutes reading time At Elium, our mission is to help companies grow by unlocking the power of knowledge sharing. When knowledge is accessible and actionable at all times, teams

Chat with teammates, share exciting updates, and make sure no important informat...

We know it. Your team is in Slack most of the day. Messaging around key projects or organising quick video calls, this is where they get work done. They exchange massive

A guide to launching your knowledge sharing platform

Organisations often make the mistake of thinking that choosing and purchasing a tool is enough to make knowledge sharing happen in their organisation. But launching a knowledge sharing platform to