Top 5 benefits of fostering knowledge sharing across your entire company

Effectively managing knowledge has been on the agenda of business professionals for several decades now, as we transitioned from a resources-driven economy to a knowledge-driven one. After that, knowledge management

Facilitate Innovation through Knowledge Sharing

How Do Knowledge Sharing and Innovation Pair Together?  Corporate knowledge sharing is all well and good. Teams work together to get to the bottom of projects by imparting their subject-specific

What’s new in Elium? 10 key updates from the past weeks.

⏲ 7 minutes reading time At Elium, our mission is to help companies grow by unlocking the power of knowledge sharing. When knowledge is accessible and actionable at all times, teams

Chat with teammates, share exciting updates, and make sure no important information is lost with Eli...

We know it. Your team is in Slack most of the day. Messaging around key projects or organising quick video calls, this is where they get work done. They exchange massive

A guide to launching your knowledge sharing platform

Organisations often make the mistake of thinking that choosing and purchasing a tool is enough to make knowledge sharing happen in their organisation. But launching a knowledge sharing platform to

Our 14th User Club – creating collective intelligence

Twice a year, we host our User Club, inviting all of our customers to come together to share ideas, swap stories and embrace knowledge sharing together. We recently held our

Measuring satisfaction on your knowledge sharing platform – a practical guide

So a few months ago, you launched a knowledge sharing platform in your organisation. You had a great start but you’d like to learn a little more about how to

Improving community engagement on your knowledge sharing platform – a practical guide

So, you’ve had your knowledge sharing platform going for a while now, but you’re starting to notice the telltale signs that employees are not using it as you hoped. Emails

15 tips to help you choose the right name for your knowledge sharing platform

Well, you’ve searched far and wide to find the right provider. You’ve worked hard to create a platform that embodies your company’s identity and meets your employee’s needs. So you’re