Over the last few years, digital collaboration tools have remained fairly stable, but (like winter) change is coming. With apps creeping into more and more of our personal lives, employees are hoping the workplace follows suit and organisations are starting to see why. It’s appealing to capitalise on the networking opportunities and directories which existing social platforms already offer employees (e.g. LinkedIn and Facebook), more securely, whilst finding solutions to support collaboration and manage collective data.

With this growth in interest, there’s also been a surge in solutions. It’s clear from the 2018 Lecko report on digital collaboration that the market is expanding and experimenting, with a variety of offerings to support a newly digitalised workplace. Our knowledge sharing solution, Elium, sits at the crossroads between a social app and a secure knowledge management tool, with the spotlight firmly on transversality – we help our customers break down silos and breed a collaborative culture within their teams.

Where we stand

Lecko measures solutions like ours (those they deem as transversal tools) by their support of business communication, knowledge management and networking.

In the white paper, Lecko ranks Elium as a leader in knowledge management, which means that they feel we offer a well developed product with both a wide range of uses and a smooth user experience. This combination supports collaborative and social functionalities and offers a lot of potential for successful adoption.

We crafted Elium with an emphasis on these features in order to support effective team collaboration. We’re proud to see that our positioning in the market stands out as the strongest correlation, as illustrated here in the top right corner, with a rare balance of expertise in both user experience and variety.

What the future holds

With the market seemingly unstable, experimenting and expanding in many directions, solutions are beginning to integrate with each other, expanding their capabilities for customers. Many productivity tools (such as Asana and Slack), as well as knowledge management solutions (like us!) are establishing integrations with collaborative tools like Office 365 and Google Suite.

You can read more about Elium and the digital collaboration market in Lecko’s white paper here (sadly only available in French for now). If you’re curious about creating your own knowledge sharing platform, give us a shout and start your free trial!

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