After months of development, we are pleased to introduce the third major version of the mobile application. The raising usage of the mobile application reaching now 10% of out total active users shows that we are fulfilling a real request from users to access their content on the go.

✨ New features

Feature parity between iOS and Android

This major release marks the first time since the release of the mobile application that there is feature parity between the two mobile operating systems iOS and Android. This will ease communication of the features available on the mobile application to end users and definitely increase the overall mobile usage.

A complete editor with template support

The mobile editor now also supports your platform templates. This new feature opens the doors to some interesting usages on the go. As an example, think about “Question” template allowing mobile users to quickly ask questions to their colleagues from their smartphone or the ability to write report from the field in just a few clicks. We are sure you will find new possibilities! This new version of the editor is available on iOS and Android (don’t forget to activate automatic updates 😉 ).

Open Elium app from your emails

Another major feature of this release is the arrival of deep linking. This technology allows applications to support specific links. Very concretely, when you open an e-mail from Elium on your smartphone, clicking on a link will open the app directly instead of the browser of your operating system. This way you can enjoy the best user experience on your mobile. This functionality also works with other applications such as Slack, Microsoft Teams or Workplace, all in a seamless way.

Dark mode

People who consult Elium on their smartphone late at night or early in the morning will be happy to hear that the mobile application now supports dark mode. When daylight is dimming, apps typically switch from a white theme to a black theme to reduce screen brightness and consequently aggressiveness to the eyes. The application will follow the operating system preferences. This mode has recently been added on iOS and Android.


This new version is already available on iOS and Android via a simple application update.

Next steps

We still have other projects for the further development of the mobile application. We are considering making the bookmarks available offline for people on the go who don’t have a reliable internet connection. We are also considering making the current digest and shared alerts more interactive by using the mobile application as a support.

Feedback ? We’re listening!

As always we welcome your feedbacks and recommendations. Feel free to leave a comment on our feedback portal.

See you soon!

The Product Team.

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