Entering the CeBIT in Hannover means choosing between dozens of huge halls, big players competing with big, colourful and noisy stands. Everyone here tries to make sense of the digitisation of their respective industry or function by introducing new buzzwords like “economy 4.0” and “simplicity”. But the king of all buzzwords is the slogan of the exhibition “digital transformation”. As you could expect, not many offer a definition and merely coin the term for its semantic strenght in promising disruption and a programatic shift.
As there is no transformation without increased cross-silo knowledge sharing and communities of practice; this event revealed itself as a great opportunity for Elium. Here are my two cents on how Elium can act as the backbone of the digital transformation.
On the Social Business Arena, we had the opportunity to participate to various panels on the practical benefits of a knowledge-oriented approach and discuss the benefits of the social business in supporting digital transformation.


A continuous and incremental approach
As we all know, the nature of change is permanent. For project managers, this means the end of a project-oriented approach. Agile approaches are much more adapted to manage change.
A change in the nature of work for employees who need to incorporate new ways of working, thinking and collaborating. More flexibility is required around processes and workflows
Ownership on a managerial level, with the need to emphasise the development of the information on a global and cross-silo basis.
To increase the chances of a real transformation, executives are more and more inspired by the values ​​of Holocracy and Design Thinking methodologies.
Committing to change on a company level, by carrying out a knowledge-sharing program
Companies are more and more distributed (see Lafarge cases), employees working around the world, speaking various different languages. Such a linguistic diversity requires internationalization of both content and context.

KM Program

  • **Easier reuse of Knowledge
    **The search engine becomes the cornerstone of Knowledge sharing, crucial in improving the relevance and context, but especially in its ability to properly notify users via alerts
  • **Informative and rich content
    **For experts, the tool must support a narrative approach around content, namely encapsulate the ability of transferring best practices and enriched content
  • **Capture external web content
    **Equip all employees to participate to the company’s market intelligence program, to capture and share best practices lying with external shareholders.

Being present at CeBIT allowed us to observe the depth and scale of the Digital transformation movement on a global scale. The accelerated production cycles disrupted by hundreds of new social technologies and the explosion of cloud services has increased the global competition.
We are proud to be a vehicle for growth and sustainability for our partners.
Join now our community to be notified about the implications and opportunities of this revolution.

* “Human sensors” – read on the subject:
• Frédéric Laloux, Reinventing organisations,
• Lee Bryant, The Quantified organisation in digital transformation

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