Innovation is a hot topic these days. It seems that every organisation wants to be more innovative, deliver more innovative projects, launch innovative products ad disrupt the market.

But it we forget all about these buzz words – what does innovation really mean, and what does it matter?

In this 20 pages guide, you will discover how experts are tackling these topics :

  1. What is innovation management and why it matters?
  2. What is hindering innovation inside companies?
  3. What is facilitating innovation?
  4. Why is knowledge management the answer to driving innovation?
  5. What are the benefits of implementing a knowledge sharing platform on innovation potential? Top 12 benefits.
  6. What steps to take to ensure a successful implementation of your Knowledge Sharing Platform?
  7. So what can you actually capture in a Knowledge Sharing Platform to benefit Innovation? Top ideas.
  8. Who is it for? Can a Knowledge Sharing platform for
    innovation benefit everyone in the company?
  9. How can Elium help you build your sales knowledge sharing platform?
  10. Key conclusions and next steps

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