It is clear. Technology is transforming every type of business or job function. As Bain highlights in their 2020 infographic on Sales Teams and Digital Tools, “when used right, digital tools can boost sales” and help drive performance.

In this 20 pages guide, you will discover how experts are tackling these topics :

  1. What is the right technology to empower sales teams?
  2. So, what are the main challenges that sales team face?
  3. What is knowledge management, and how it can help?
  4. What are the benefits of knowledge sharing for sales teams?
  5. What are the steps to successfully implement a knowledge platform for your sales staff?
  6. What exactly can your sales teams share and capture with a knowledge platform?
  7. Who can benefit most from a sales-focused
    knowledge sharing tool?
  8. How can Elium help?
  9. How can you get started? Key takeaways and next steps.

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