Every year hundreds of thousands of international and local conferences take place, moving millions of professionals to learn, interact, inspire. Content is produced, innovations are revealed, and your employees attend them. The new application “Event” allows -among many other uses- to better prepare your colleagues to gather content and data, and to mobilise participants internal or external to your organisation, before, during and after the momentum.For each roleTo optimise our work, we must be able to diagnose, collect internal and external incidents. The arrival of the new application “Models” on Knowledge Plaza provides support for different roles within the company:for Knowledge Managers and / or Quality• facilitate the implementation of KM methodologies and guide your employees to give more details about a given situation.for Buyers• homogenise entering information on suppliersfor HR Managers• prepare questionnaires to evaluate training needsfor Market Watchers• collect new internal requirements in terms of monitoring and measuring riskfor Internal Communication Managers• prepare newsletter templatesfor Responsible for Innovation• provide questionnaires on business models, seek enriched ideas & strategic responsesfor Support Managers• ensure that incident reports are comprehensive and exhaustive by presetting the key pointsThese two new applications are already available on all customer instances of Knowledge Plaza. It is also possible to combine the two applications and get an Event Model!REPORT ON TWO MONTHS OF PRODUCTIONA few months ago, Lionel joined the team and has now fully settled in to bring a new rhythm of production, and excellence. Here are the results. Specifically, the Knowledge Plaza platform has, from its inception, focused on three major steps: capture of information, structuring and distributing it to the persons concerned.On the Capturing sideAs highlighted above, the biggest news is definitely the models of collections that will allow to create on the fly project sheets, idea competitions, roadmaps, meeting reports. With this feature, project managers can better formalise and standardise the required returns, typically highlight important issues requiring response.

Other key features

  • Events with RSVP and calendar subscription via URL
  • Attachments in comments
  • New text editor that supports images and tables, and external sites preview
  • New rendering for imported websites that allows better reading
  • On the Structuring side

Spaces are even more relevant with the filtering system which is increasingly expanding on its abilities. Our famous smart tabs now support the multi-faceting of an “Activity Stream” flow view to keep conversations visible. A technical challenge that our team managed to overcome.Another key feature

  • Full support of multilingualism which allows for not only the interface and metadata to be translated, but also internationalised spaces including tabs
  • KP is now available in 10 languages (Languages list) including Dutch and German for our Belgian and Swiss friends! Want a new language ? Ask for it.

On the distribution sideKnowledge Plaza has become such a strategic Document Repository for some of our customers, it became essential to exhibit and make its content accessible through other enterprise intranet or extranet portals. We now provide a bridge by offering an embed widget that allows a selective embed of documents and other types of content. You can even display an activity stream of the platform or from a specific space too.Other key features

  • Extended Governance of space members
  • Messaging with improved contextualisation
  • Desktop Notifications

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