78% of the population now own a smartphone, with over two thirds of global internet traffic coming from mobile devices. And, if you’re anything like us, your phone is on you 24/7. So we’re super excited to be bringing you our brand new mobile app, one of our top customer requests.

Now you can use Elium whenever, wherever (just like the song goes).

With our app, you can have all of your team’s knowledge right in the palm of your hand. Want to prep for an important meeting on the train? Or, maybe you got there a little early and just need to check over those key results. Often, we’re left searching through group chats and emails, trying to find what we need. We end up frustrated – without the time, permissions or tools to find what we’re looking for.

With Elium, you can work from your organisation’s single source of truth, from company guidelines and management reports, to meeting minutes and market research. Wherever you happen to be, our app provides you with easy access to all that Elium offers.

Elium’s search & navigation is simple, yet powerful

Browse all your organisation’s’ knowledge quickly and efficiently, with categorised tags and filters.

Bookmarks save content for later

Bookmarked content instantly syncs with your mobile for you to read anytime and anywhere – whenever you’re ready.

Experts at your fingertips

Stay connected with your colleagues wherever you are, and search the directory by location, expertise or department to find the expert you need.

Personalised notifications of direct @mentions

Notified of something important just as you step out of the office? Don’t panic, with notifications you can still catch it.

Curious? Here’s a sneak peek of our app in action:

Download it now on iOS and Android, via iTunes and the Google Play Store. And if you’re not yet on Elium, why not take our app out for a spin with a free trial platform.

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