Today, we are launching elium Learning Center where we regroup all our introduction videos, tutorials, support documents, answers to FAQ, etc.Since its beginning, elium has focused intensely on customer satisfaction and the team has been committed to providing top notch support for users. Along the way, we have developed specific resources and methodologies for personalized assessments, training sessions and technical onboarding. elium is now launching a new tool: elium Learning Center which centralises all platform knowledge for our current and future customers so they can have access to up-to-date content and user guides whenever they need.The website was created with several specific sections and is available both in English and in French.Detailed guides with in depth explanationsThese guides will be very precious if you are trying to get a better understanding of how elium functions as a platform and what its capabilities are (beyond features).For example, the using elium guide shows you how to connect to elium, use the search full potential, create and share content and the best ways to interact with your teams.Additionally, the administrating elium guide describes how to manage users, categories and tags, organize the navigation within the tool, personalize its look and measure your platform activity.Finally and coming soon, the deployment guide will be your perfect companion from a project management perspective if you would like to set up a knowledge sharing platform. In this guide, we will provide step by step instructions for the various phases; allowing you to gather a thorough understanding of the effort, internal resources and time needed to have your own collaboration tool. It will also be a valuable document to convince your leadership and the other departments.Using these detailed guides internally will provide your users with up-to-date answers to their questions and will save the knowledge sharing project team a lot of time and effort to prepare training material.

Resource repository including document templates

The resource section has helpful documents to support your knowledge sharing journey and maximize the impact of your collaboration efforts.Usage scenarios will allow you to understand how information flows in your organization and the influence of the various stakeholders. With our content typology framework and detailed table rights, the content structuring and architecture building effort will be facilitated for your team. We also provide customizable communication material for your launch.We very much hope you find this content helpful and don’t hesitate to reach out if you need more information on our support and training solutions.

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