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Recognised amongst the top 5 innovation and entrepreneurship events in Europe, Lift15 took place in Geneva on Feb 4-6 2015. We engaged +100 people on this crazy analog setup and asked them to

Lift Conference

Recognised amongst the top 5 innovation and entrepreneurship events in Europe, Lift15 took place in Geneva on Feb 4-6 2015. In order to celebrate its 10th anniversary in style, Lift15 offered

Benchmark Lecko 7

Chaque année, le cabinet Lecko remet à jour son référentiel en procédant à l’analyse de plus de 30 outils sur une grille de 500 critères et fonctionnalités. Cette année, Elium

Two New Apps – Events & Templates

SERVING ALL Every year hundreds of thousands of international and local conferences take place, moving millions of professionals to learn, interact, inspire. Content is produced, innovations are revealed, and your

Enterprise 2.0. – Knowledge Flow with Lee Bryant

With Lee Bryant We met Lee at a Social Business conference in London on the 25th of November, at the British Academy. This video is part of a long list

22 categories of faceted search

Raphaël Briner Facet. This word seems nice but reveals itself to be a real mystery. Is it a feature or a concept? It is compulsory or not? First, a facet

First steps with tagging

Tagging, commonly said, is a practice we use every day to help our brains to better remember and locate our memories. Here is a classic situation : You are unable

First meeting in Paris

If Paris is known as one of the most romantic towns for a first ‘rendez-vous’, the one I have been preparing while boarding on a Thalys, is not as appealing

The impact of conversations on Information flow

Interview with Euan Semple SMILE CONFERENCE, LONDON “The challenge is pulling conversations together and getting to a critical mass. The risk in all these situations is to worry about technology

Knowledge Plaza acquires HyperWeek

Elium (previously Knowledge Plaza), the pioneering enterprise social network dedicated to Social Knowledge Management, already well-established in France and Belgium is expanding its markets by acquiring the Swiss company HyperWeek.